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Episode 8: Jen Glover Show Notes


In this conversation, Denise Waters interviews Jen Glover, a mom from Arizona, about her motherhood journey. Jen shares how she was a teacher before becoming a mom and how she has remained true to herself while also taking on the responsibilities of motherhood. She discusses the challenges of being a perfectionist as a mom and the pressure she puts on herself to create perfect holiday experiences for her children. Jen emphasizes the importance of having a supportive mom community and how it has helped her navigate the ups and downs of motherhood. She also talks about the need to prioritize self-care and find personal fulfillment outside of being a mom. Jen Glover discusses her love for cooking and how it is a way for her to show love to her family. She shares that her kids have favorite meals, such as homemade gnocchi and teriyaki chicken, and that cooking is an extension of nurturing for her. Her biggest hope for her children is that they feel loved and love themselves. Jen emphasizes the importance of being present with her kids and enjoying time with them. She also talks about the significance of travel in their lives and how it has broadened their perspective of the world. In the next five years, Jen hopes to get her small business up and running, continue traveling, and explore her own interests. She shares her insights and experiences with others through conversations and online communities.


motherhood journey, teacher, staying true to oneself, perfectionism, holiday stress, mom community, support, self-care, personal fulfillment, cooking, love, family, hope, travel, parenting, presence, small business, interests, insights, experiences


  • Motherhood can change us, but it doesn't mean we lose our true selves.

  • Being a perfectionist as a mom can create unnecessary stress and pressure.

  • Having a supportive mom community is vital for emotional support and understanding.

  • Taking time for self-care and pursuing personal interests is important for overall well-being.

  • Finding a balance between being a mom and maintaining personal fulfillment is a continuous journey. Cooking is a way to show love and nurture others.

  • Being present and enjoying time with your children is important.

  • Traveling broadens perspectives and teaches empathy.

  • Having hopes for your children to feel loved and love themselves.

  • Balancing personal interests and parenting.

  • Sharing insights and experiences with others can be helpful and fulfilling.


  • The Power of Mom Community

  • Prioritizing Self-Care as a Mom Balancing Personal Interests and Parenting

  • Sharing Insights and Experiences with Others

Sound Bites

  • "Who were you before you were a mom?"

  • "I'm the same person as I was before kids, but I'm a different person."

  • "It doesn't get easier. It gets different."

  • "Cooking has always been my way of showing love to people and my kids and my husband."

  • "I truly do love doing, so it's kind of exciting."

  • "All I truly care about is putting good humans out into the world."


00:00Introduction and Getting to Know Jen

03:42The Unexpected Traits of Motherhood

07:07The Importance of a Supportive Mom Community

09:44Putting Yourself Out There: Making Connections with Other Moms

10:30The Power of Friendship During Difficult Times

12:55Rediscovering Yourself Outside of Motherhood

15:21Pursuing Passions: Jen's Journey with Cooking

15:40Cooking as a Love Language

24:35Being Present and Enjoying Time with Kids

25:53Encouraging Self-Love in Children

26:23Exploring Interests and Hobbies

27:34Building a Supportive Parenting Community


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