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Hear me out

Updated: Apr 22

If there is a problem, you can put up a sign and say, don't do this thing. You can set rules and boundaries, you can inact legislation, you can yell about it and fight, or you can just put in a solution.

I'm sitting in a hotel in Seattle and the ever popular sign is under the sprinkler that clearly points out to not use it as a place for hangers. I've seen this sign in a million different hotels and yet never once have I see an actual place for a hanger mounted near it. Wouldn't the need to add the sign ever once inform us that people want a hook to put their clothes on so they can see what its going to look like or to take a picture? I mean, they did put a hook in the bathroom here so you could hang something right next to the toilet, but come on, that is not the esthetic we are going for on the socials.

And then I think what else are we putting a sign on or a rule to or a limit when really we could just solve for what we want? Couldn't we just put up a better hook?

I'm onto something here and it is probably more personal than just having a sign in the hotel. I feel like it is a seminal moment--like when Steve Martin loses his shit at the grocery store because the hot dogs and the hot dog buns don't match up. Like truly losing my shit.

I'm so tired of Nos. I'm so tired of being told, wait, slow down, not now, later, smaller, no. We can't, we won't, we don't know how, we have too much going on, we are afraid of that big idea, we need to test it, we need to wait and see, or just indifference, ignoring requests, ignoring ideas, ignoring voices, and even worse, creating an enemy out of someone that thinks differently. So not even a no, but a "I will destroy you."

It's like people look at the sign that says no hangers and use it for the hanger just because it says not to, or even more, where they rip out the sprinkler never needing to use it for the hanger in the first place.

And yes, you are correct, this has nothing to do with the hanger or the sprinkler, it is just a weird sensation running through me, the Nos, the agnostics, the contrarians, the blockers, the fearful are winning and it isn't a race.

What is it? Are we too busy? Too disconnected? Too afraid? Too much competition? Scarcity mindset? Easier to say no than to try?

I have no other examples other than this sign on the wall but today I'm on the lookout because it is something inside, how do we get to yes, how do we get to I'll try, how do we get to let's do this together, how do we get to a place where everything isn't so damn hard.

Or maybe it is just a sign in a hotel.

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