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Hey Buddy!

Just words, but every time I say them or type them I think of her.

Sometimes I worry that they will make others remember her, too. And isn't that what we want.

Alissa left behind a legacy of love. And when I use the word buddy to the ones of us that knew her it is both an homage and a stake in the ground.

I miss her all the time. Her love, her care, her exuberance for all things ASU. And I don't want the spirit that she possessed to be lost. She would have done anything for all of us and her legacy is each of us doing what we can for those left behind.

So, as I build my empire on love there will be a lot of 'hey buddy's and 'thank you, buddy's and hugs and giggles and maroon and gold. There will always be a spot for her at the table and we will forge ahead knowing that she set us up to be more kind, more loving, more true to our passions because we knew her.

This morning a mutual friend offered support and I thanked him by saying, "Thanks, Buddy." And it felt right. It felt like a genuine thank you and a thank you into the universe thanking Alissa for bringing us together. There is nothing better than a legacy of love.

I'm not going to shy away from using it because the world needs a little 'lissa energy every day! Forks Up, Buddy!

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