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Hurricane Watch

My husband says I'm obsessing.

It's true.

But there has NEVER been a hurricane in San Diego and I'm enthralled. I keep looking at my mom's backyard camera to see what I can see. The clouds floating over us in Arizona bring me no rain.

I remember the other hurricanes. Katrina. Tim just back from Iraq and leaving to go clear buildings and keep the peace. Watching it as it rolled in and seeing the levies break was too much to bear. People being rescued from rooftops and entire houses floating away from the foundations. A picture of a baby alligator being held up by my husband so very far from home.

Labor Day. 2008. Gustav. While we played in the game room of Sun Mountain Lodge checking the one computer on dial up to see where it would land. My brother in New Orleans. Always devastating and always okay. We move forward.

But today a storm moves towards America's Finest City and I can't look away. I remember the storm in 1980 that took our Eucalyptus tree down, the way the water rolled down the hill. How days later my Grandpa Willie and Uncle Bill came over with chainsaws to take the tree apart. Us stacking the wood first by the fence and then later to other places depending on how mom wanted to use the area. The stump grinder was loud and effective, fascinating. I loved that tree but it falling cleared the way for the pool that I love even more. And now I watch the pool looking for rain and wind.

She is on a hill, the flooding won't reach the house, but landslides and falling trees, I worry about those.

What I know to be true is there will be some devastation and it will be okay.

After living in Seattle for so many years with so much rain, it is amazing how easy I fall back into the Southern California girl I am and wish for rain to just come for the day.


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