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It's been two years

Updated: Apr 27

Two years since I've blogged on the original site. Or the 2nd site, I guess. The first was some family home site that I can't recall. It was a membership site where we could invite people to subscribe and then they could get updates. From 2001 on I would post there about the deployments and family updates. I started with blogger in 2007 and it has been two years since I posted on it.

607 posts, 114 comments, 40,985 views all time.

It houses a lot of emotion, insight, complaining, pain, growth, history. I'm keeping it here now.

There was also the site when I tried to start keeping memories in one spot.

And another for some reason I can't quite remember. And doesn't really have anything good. And one where Tim #thecutehusband wrote for just a minute.

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