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Make a PLAN

At Only7Seconds® we are on a mission to end loneliness. We have a Connection Curriculum that is focused on connecting with yourself which includes learning how to ask for help when you need it; building empathy for all stories, including your own, and connecting with others. We say when we are sharing with schools that we are not a suicide prevention program. But you know what. Screw that. We are.

We want to absolutely prevent suicide. We know that it takes all of us. I'm so in awe of Grayson's parents for saying the hard words because the shame and secrecy is not necessary. None of us know when our time is over, cancer, accidents, heart attacks, suicide, tragic, sad, crazy making. We wear seatbelts and helmets, we get scans and take medications. We can do more. We have to.

So, I am sharing again, because not only does it matter to us as an organization it matters to me personally.

Talk about suicide, mental health, loneliness, embarrassment, shame, and personal lows, struggles and disappointments today to someone, make a plan, who do you call if you need someone, who calls you and what do you do when you get that call. Use 988. Prevent, intervene, care, seek help, offer help.

And, do it again. For those in my life that have dedicated their efforts to this work, thank you. It matters. You matter.

Here is how you start . . .

"Have you ever considered taking your own life?"

If you haven't, you might and I'd like to help you make a plan for that day and be here to support you. I need you in this world.

If you have, how can we work together right not to make a plan to prevent that. I need you in this world.

You are not going to put the idea in someone's head, you can only help. Ask and listen. Just like having a plan for if your house is on fire, have a plan for suicide. We have to do more. #becauseyoumatter

May I offer a framework:

P: Prepare for hard days

L: Learn about resources (988)

A: Accept/Ask for help

N: Nurture connections

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