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Oh Sweet Girl

Updated: Apr 22

I saw someone post pictures of themselves from 10 years ago and I thought about all that has changed for me in this decade and it felt right reflecting on this girl. I challenge each of you to look back, set a time marker and love on the previous you.

Oh this sweet girl. Taken as I interviewed for my first principal job on the westside ten years ago. I had done the work east of the mountains, returned to the classroom and was just starting out my leadership ride in Issaquah. I had already survived the deployments, births, moves, PTSD and parental abandonment. I didn't know that in mere days one of my best friends in the world would die, I would face student, teacher and parent suicides, deaths and miscarriages. I knew not what the job would take.

To today, when I have found my smile again, I'm less naive and I'm still learning to trust a bit more slowly. I wish I could have protected her heart a little bit more both medically and emotionally. Like we said about the deployments, I do not wish my experiences on anyone but I am forever grateful that I had them and am on this side of them.

Sweet girl, you can do hard things, and you do not have to make them hard nor do you have to forgo the easy ones just because they are easy. Go live wide, loud, outloud, make waves, dive deep and know that this very space is meant for you.

There is no one right way and any one that made you feel that was wrong. Your gifts matter and are needed in this world. Your story and your experiences are like no other and you serve as a light.

Mom of boys, lover of other people's children, friend to moms, light seeker, dream maker, mermaid visionary--show up, keep showing up.

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