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Denise's professional journey mirrors the diversity and complexity of her life, offering a multifaceted experience. Her expertise extends beyond her fictional works to encompass social connection, education, parenting, and personal development. She finds immense joy in sharing her knowledge through writing, speaking, and coaching. With a creative flair, Denise often indulges in activities like painting and sewing during breaks in the day. Her coaching approach, rooted in her HEARD model, aligns with her passion project, The Mother Heard, where she assists others in community-building through the power of storytelling.

Denise writing


Curriculum development, articles, social media; fiction, non-fiction. memories, anecdotes, and life lessons. Writing is a way to share experiences and build worlds. ​Specializing in K-12 education, connection and personal development, Denise uses her experiences of a daughter, mom, wife of a veteran and educator to craft stories that are compelling, educational and sometimes provocative. Learn to share your story or Read along!

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Are you looking for an engaging conference speaker that connects with the audience and encourages connection? Keynote? Break out session?  Denise uses her experience as a teacher to bring the sessions to life through interaction, engagement and clear takeaways, sharing research & ideas that build community.​Comfortable in person, on line, in large or small gatherings, and can incorporate your messaging. 

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Denise in the office


Are you struggling to connect? Are your relationships in flux? Managing aging parents and your own children? Redefining how you want to show up each day? Starved for real connection? Coaching is for you! Using the HEARD method, we will surface your hopes, explore and take action, reflect on progress and then dream big! Now is the time to build a life you love to live. Connected. Thriving. Fun.

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This summer everything changes. Florence has been old enough to travel on her own and visit her Grandmother Joan before, but this year with the sickness it just seems more important and adult like. Florence and Joan have a shared approach to life that is both  precious and remarkable. As the days grow shorter, their bond is tested but never broken. Taking the uncertainties of life and turning them into a game, Florence shares her approach to life, love and loss in a way we can all learn from.  In this book, you will meet Charlie & Lu and big brother JJ. As summer passes by, you'll feel the tug of the baseball stands and find a little sadness when you reach for your coat with the first chill of fall.

A place for stories. Any kind of stories-stories with a purpose; to teach, to remember, to connect. Some stories have a plot line and others just convey a feeling; some help you remember and some may even help you move on.

The Mother Heard is a place to celebrate Moms. Both our own mothers and the million tiny little moments that make up our mothering adventure. It is a place to convene with those who get to be moms in the traditional way, and those who love like moms to children they didn't birth. It is for all of us. 

Because a herd travels together, The Mother Heard will be a place where we tell stories together. Online, in person and in community because our world needs a little more togetherness. And listening. Join us for the 'cast, courses and community!


Loneliness is an epidemic. We believe the solution starts with intentional connection. Through this series of lessons, we guide teachers and youth to create an environment where intentional and meaningful conversations take place. The 30 lesson series provides 6th-12th grade youth with opportunities to connect with others and learn skills to address loneliness.

The Connection Curriculum structures relationships as concentric circles of connection with each student at the center. Starting and ending with a survey lesson to gauge levels of loneliness, the curriculum engages students through three lesson types: personal connection, empathy building, and connection challenges. Each lesson builds on those connection circles by developing the student’s ability to identify and engage with their circles of connection.



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